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Roccat Kone+ firmware upgrade problem (Solved!)

11 November 2011

Recently I have fallen for Battlefield 3 and this game forced me to buy a new gaming mouse. :-) Early x-mas 😉  I decided to buy Roccat Kone+ and was surprised this mouse has upgradable firmware. The one I purchased had old fw so I decided to upgrade it.. However, it did not work and I did many attempts, turned on/off antivirus, and all other software that could block the upgrade process. Then I was advised to try older version of drivers and then try the latest one and this procedure worked… therefore I bring you step by step instructions how to upgrade driver and firmware on your Roccat Kone+ mouse..

Only in case the regular procedure with latest drivers ( 1.49/1.45 ) doesn’t work, please go ahead with the following workaround!

1.)     Uninstall the driver completely
2.)     Install the driver “1.45/1.40”

<<<In case the firmware update should not start automatically, do the following steps (otherwise skip step 3+4 and go ahead with 5!)>>>

3.)     Go to your C:\Programs\ROCCAT\Kone[+] Mouse\FWupdate
4.)     Execute the Kone[+] Firmware Updater.exe

5.)     Now uninstall the driver 1.45/1.40 again.
6.)     Finally install the most recent driver 1.49/1.45

This worked for me and it is the official procedure that Roccat advises. Feel free to leave comments if this worked for you too! Enjoy gaming with this great mouse.

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    18 Responses to “Roccat Kone+ firmware upgrade problem (Solved!)”

  1. flamingkitties Says:

    Thanks for that, had exactly the same issue with mine, which I bought today. And it worked! Yay! Back to MW3 (sorry, can’t do BF3).

  2. merond Says:

    Thanks dude, worked for me. <3

  3. josh Says:

    Excellent write-up ! It saved me lot of nerves. Great mouse! Troublesome drivers.

  4. Svinse Says:

    It really works! Thank you so much for posting this.

  5. Link2097 Says:

    Many thanks, that’s work perfectly !!! 😉

  6. David Says:

    Thk’s a lot, run perfectly!! in the manufacturer’s FAQ does not mention this!

  7. Hades Says:

    Thx dude, it worked like a glove!

  8. Martin Says:


    I’ve been looking a looong time for something to fix that damned scroll glitch and then when I found the fm update it wouldn’t update :S but this fixed it <3<3<3 lots of love 😉

  9. Michael Says:

    Wow! I just got this and had this issue. When I read this, I though it was a bunch of nonsense!!! I was completely wrong! Thank you so much for helping me figure out how to get this really cool looking paperweight to function like a mouse.

  10. Evgen Kostin Says:

    Work perfectly! Thank you!

  11. Max Says:

    I tried this but the FW couldn’t be installed. Any idea what the problem might be?

  12. agustin Says:

    i have this problem since 2011 :@
    now worksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  13. frederik Says:

    it worked, thanks!

  14. Erik Says:

    Worked perfectly!

    Thanks an awful lot!

  15. Evelien Says:

    YOU are a lifesaver!!! I just bought this mouse, and it wouldn’t let me change colors, the sidebuttons wouldn’t work or anything…But thanks to doing this, it all works perfectly fine!!

  16. Trevor Says:

    I followed the steps for your set up but is this supposed to work when windows is viewing the mouse as a “device that has reported problems” allowing not to work at all. The firmware is where the issues are happening, i think.

  17. mike Says:

    worked for me too, many thanks

  18. Jocke Says:

    still fail at step 3 :/

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